Yanina Boldyreva *Sheet happens*


Size 180 х 130

Pages 30

Photos 28

Print color

© 2017

Price 35 Euro (Shipping costs included)

 This project consists of two sort of pictures, landscape photography and still life (installations).


The images follows one after the other, like a dream and reality. It makes a photographic set and should be treated together. This point of view creates the interaction between the visual boundaries of reality and symbolism.


For me any urban landscape is like an archaeological site with its cultural layers, which  helps me to understand what is happening with the society. This landscape photos looks like a scenery for social life drama.


At the same time the installation in the project is a frozen magical act, casual observer`s dream that is factored out the usual reality. Installations are some extrapolation of the absurd and elusive life which I fix in the documentary part of the project. Desolated snowy landscape for me is a metaphor of sleeping society and inactivity. Therefore, my photos include local "sleeping district". All plaster casts presented in my installations is an images of sleeping people and the installations itself was made by using the principle of dreams` structure. They are irrational like all dreams  but consist of already known things with implicit connection between them.


 I think the project is  sentimental and critical in both ways, and prone to different interpretation.

Yanina Boldyreva *Broken space*


Photobook & poster

Size 120 х 170

Photos 29

Print color and w/b

Book concept, composition, design, text, edit by Vsevolod Kovtun

© 2017

Price 15 Euro (Shipping costs included)

Lack of light, warmth, and energy for growth. This is the part of life story of the majority of us.

Immature consciousness cannot be integral. Immature person perceives the world as fragments, and in his turn creates the world made of debris that has never been a piece of a whole.

Similarly, photographer takes out just a piece of space, but the meaning of this action is the opposite.

The fragment is selected to reflect and express the whole, to be the focus of interdependence.

This work is the result of the intention to look at the broken space through an artist’s eyes. It aims either to restore, or to establish the connections, and to inosculate seemingly lifeless fragments not topographically, but in some artistic sense. It’s an attempt to pour life into the cooling space. Maybe, that is why red, almost bloody spots brake through in the final poster. However, the blood here is not a sign of death, but a token of life, and also pain. This is exactly what makes us come back to existence.

Yanina Boldyreva  *NSK*


Size 180 x 200mm,

Pages 78

Photos 58

Print color

Price 30 Euro (Shipping costs included)

My "NSK" photo-book is based of images I made with the smartphone camera from 2015 to 2016. In some way this book is my photo-diary, and it is the diary of my city too. "NSK" is the reduction from "Novosibirsk"- a popular tag in social nets and widespread Internet designation of my city.

The book is of 4 parts.

The first part depicts a Victory Day on May 9. Russians celebrate this holiday as day of patriotism and a national unification.

The second part is picturing oppositional trends of my society.

The photos of the third part metaphorically reflect everyday life out of any events. I wanted to transfer some feeling of stagnation and lethargy arising in my city.

The fourth part is a winter photos as a stage in transition to other condition. And here the "New Year" s holidays is just a metaphor of continuous expectation of a miracle, changes amidst the condensing darkness and cold.

"NSK" book includes critically dyed material. Certainly, it is not the entire life of my city, but it is the points that intriguing me.

I purposely used the photos shot with a smartphone because it makes bigger degree of irony and easier to make comparing with a professional camera. Usually I am not eager in representing just ordinary, banal life. I just try to use documentary photography to build my own art dimensions. But in this project I was tied to the documents in the attempt to create the most authentic image of my city and my relationships with it.

Yanina Boldyreva & Alexander Isaenko *The Rupture Zone*


Size 148 x 210mm,

Pages 42

Print  b/w

The Rupture Zone - it’s a place of military conflict between Russia and Ukraine. However, this is not the only figure, presented in the book. The war and the disintegration, which it causes in the personality and society, its commotion and death, can be found in everyday, non-militarized life. War only reveals them and makes them more bright and prominent, creating a concentration of conflict, aggression and its consequences. Rejecting the documentary in favor of artistic and figurative language, excepting the attributes of time and place, we have focused on understanding and dissection of the mechanism of conflict itself.

Conceptual technique using are processed graphic material, scans, re-captured photos shows our reflections of what is happening - the fragility of being, the illusiveness of the individual, the simulative face of the reality, the plasticity of the human psyche. Building bridges between the archetypical images and experiences on a personal level became the main our task. The rupture zone - the area of our attention, where routine becomes war, and the war becomes the routine, displacement of internal guidelines happens, diving into chaos.


Yanina Boldyreva & Alexander Isaenko *Index lost*


Size  215,9 × 279,4 mm

Pages  80

Print  color

Price 45 Euro (Shipping costs included)

This is the story of a certain place, being real and beyond at the same time, since all the evidences - beach, water, sky, fog – tell nothing about it, but can only show its abstractness and generalization.

Detached and defocused view, empty and faded landscapes, being filled with the presence of people with no specific features, don’t expressing themselves, as if they are plunged into lethargy.


Many of our pictures have been taken with the use of glass as a filter in order that intentionally a void the documentary and with draw the image into the plane of the subjective, as well as create a distance between reality and the observer. However, the camera snatched those moments where the landscape and the human are most expressive, and reveal some kind of their state.

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