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Photography is the fixing of personal attitude, creation of a parallel reality opposite to those,

which exists out of bounds of our consciousness. Our sight is always subjective, but ours

subjectivity not the simple style of life, it`s the new reality on the basis of old one.

Our past always appears through the present, it  reflects in us and

cooperates with us. As if dynamics  of street is reflected  in motionless glass .

Our perceptions of a reality are various, as well as glasses which differently refracts light.

The given project "glass"  is a metaphor of creation  pictures of the world ,

in which the appropriateness cross a chance and make the significance that we

appreciate and  understand.  We are inclined to perceive life as a whole and

perceive together with times and spaces which never  meet. These

conditions of merging of incompatible things have deep inner meaning for us.

Sometimes veil more important then the reality. In my pictures the objective reality is

changed  by reflections and  refractions, and I want to achieve same  integral and

realistic sensations that we receive creating a picture of our world.