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Yanina Boldyreva & Alexander Isaenko *The Rupture Zone*


The Rupture Zone - it’s a place of military conflict between Russia and Ukraine. However, this is not the only figure, presented in the book. The war and the disintegration, which it causes in the personality and society, its commotion and death, can be found in everyday, non-militarized life. War only reveals them and makes them more bright and prominent, creating a concentration of conflict, aggression and its consequences. Rejecting the documentary in favor of artistic and figurative language, excepting the attributes of time and place, we have focused on understanding and dissection of the mechanism of conflict itself.

Conceptual technique using are processed graphic material, scans, re-captured photos shows our reflections of what is happening - the fragility of being, the illusiveness of the individual, the simulative face of the reality, the plasticity of the human psyche. Building bridges between the archetypical images and experiences on a personal level became the main our task. The rupture zone - the area of our attention, where routine becomes war, and the war becomes the routine, displacement of internal guidelines happens, diving into chaos.