This project consists of two sort of pictures, landscape photography and still life (installations).


The images follows one after the other, like a dream and reality. It makes a photographic set and should be treated together. This point of view creates the interaction between the visual boundaries of reality and symbolism.


For me any urban landscape is like an archaeological site with its cultural layers, which  helps me to understand what is happening with the society. This landscape photos looks like a scenery for social life drama.


At the same time the installation in the project is a frozen magical act, casual observer`s dream that is factored out the usual reality. Installations are some extrapolation of the absurd and elusive life which I fix in the documentary part of the project. Desolated snowy landscape for me is a metaphor of sleeping society and inactivity. Therefore, my photos include local "sleeping district". All plaster casts presented in my installations is an images of sleeping people and the installations itself was made by using the principle of dreams` structure. They are irrational like all dreams  but consist of already known things with implicit connection between them.


 I think the project is  sentimental and critical in both ways, and prone to different interpretation.

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