video by Alexander Isaenko

with Yanina Boldyreva

music by Eject Project, Alexey Borisov, Olga Nosova, Adam Ebringer

25 min 46 sec


"Abstractorium" is a conditional part of brain, where exist non-fixed memoirs, impressions, even a storage of visual waste. The idea of the project is to create and to analyze such a storage. Who is the owner of the storage? It is as well a search of a border between real and unreal, abstract and specific experience. A search of reaction and errors, as well. What is waste in human psychic life, its transition from one condition to another? How and where does it happen? Why what can not a priori waste for us is stored in that place? We are suggesting a number of questions by our video. This is a rebus from image, text and sound, which solution is to be found individually for everyone.



video by Alexander Isaenko

with Yanina Boldyreva

music by Alexey Borisov

7 min


The person and his existential condition are the main subject of this video project, we investigate a duality of a nature of man, interrelation and violation of internal and external space of the personality. A person changes gender roles under a influence of the extreme reasons, his behavior doesn't depend on his desires. This work had no task to concretize the borderline reason in which the character is shipped, probably it is a question of absence of freedom, external threat, sharp loneliness, mental weakness. The work purpose is possibility to get some experience of the person realizing all limitation of the bodys, mental duality, persistence of processes and the changes connected with this aspect. Complex of feelings result from a reflection, is a hopelessness and intensity, uncertainty, melancholy.

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